Theresa Hock, Director of RCIA

Parish office
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As Catholics, we are called to continue to learn about our faith, to bear witness to the glory of God and the Holy Trinity. The thirst for knowledge and understanding keeps our minds and hearts alight and open to the mysteries God chooses to share with us. We then, in turn, can effectively and fervently share the Good News with others who seek it.

The RCIA Program was developed by the Catholic Church as a means by which those who seek to become Catholic have a structure of learning about the beliefs and practices of Catholicism and a ceremonial pathway toward full Initiation into the Church.

RCIA is also a means by which those who were baptized Catholic but were not catechized in the Catholic faith to fulfill these faith journeys as adults. Also welcome are those who were baptized and catechized in the Catholic faith but have not yet received the Sacrament of Confirmation.

The program usually begins in the fall and culminates at the Easter Mass.

Please contact the Director of the RCIA Program at St. Thomas the Apostle Parish to begin or continue your journey with our Lord. We look forward to assisting you along the way.

Theresa Hock, Director of RCIA

The Adult Education Program at St. Thomas the Apostle Parish offers to its students of the faith a "refresher course" of sorts in the ways and whys of the Catholic Faith. It is a continuum of information presented in a manner that invites questions and discussion.

The most recent Adult Groups were formed through the ARISE program. Although the formal ARISE program has been completed, several groups formed through this program have remained in contact and some continue to meet for fellowship, Bible study, and mutual support.

Other groups form occasionally to fulfill a discovered need as warranted.

For more information, to join or start a group, or to speak with the pastor regarding a group, please contact the parish office.

Parish office:

(574) 262-1505