The Religious Education Program at St. Thomas the Apostle Parish is structured for children in Pre-K through 8th Grade. The purpose of this program is to educate children who do not attend a parochial school, and therefore do not receive religious education within the school's curriculum, in the ways of the Catholic Faith and a pathway to receive the Sacraments.

  • This program is held during the school year 10 - 11:15 am on Sunday mornings in St. Thomas the Apostle School.
  • The registration deadline is August 31 every year.
  • Students in the Religious Education Program participate in Sacramental Preparation as part of the formation classes.
  • Please see the "Sacramental Preparation" section of this website for more details on these events.

Contact the Director of Religious Education for more information or to register your child for faith formation.

Resources for parents and students in the St. Thomas the Apostle Parish Religious Education Program: