Thank you for your interest in this very important Liturgical Ministry.

The role of the Greeters and Ushers includes:

  • Welcoming worshipers before the Eucharistic celebration
  • Seating and/or assisting the physically disabled
  • Gathering the collection
  • Assisting with the Procession of the Gifts and Communion Procession
  • Distributing the weekly bulletins

To join in this ministry, please contact the coordinator for the greeters and ushers.


Prior to Mass

Ushers are instructed to dress appropriately.

Ushers are also asked to arrive at least 15 to 20 minutes before Mass begins. We gather in the Sacristy before Mass for final instruction & prayer with the priest and other service ministers.

During Mass

Ushers sit at the back of the church and participate fully in the service. When late-comers arrive, ushers help minimize disruptions by asking them to remain in the back during the readings and the priest's homily before being seated for the remainder of the Mass.

Ushers are also responsible for passing around the collection baskets.

During Communion, we assist the Eucharistic ministers by identifying those who cannot proceed through the Communion line and therefore need Communion brought to them.

After Mass

Once the Mass is completed, ushers stand by the church doors to distribute the weekly bulletin.

Ushers field any questions from visitors and direct them to registration or other forms that may be needed.

We also straighten the pews in preparation for the following Mass. This task includes collecting trash, putting hymnals in their proper places, picking up articles left behind and raising kneeling benches.


Why the Latin and where did it come from?

Because of its importance, the role of usher has had a long history in the Catholic Church. Referred to as porters in the Third Century, ushers used to guard the church doors against disruptive intruders. Today, ushers serve the opposite function by being the first to welcome parishioners and visitors to mass. Depending on the parish, they also assist in a variety of other ways. (protecting the priests)