The Office of Religious Education will solicit interest from students at the beginning of each school year. The pastor offers annual training sessions in the fall for all interested students in 5th grade and older. These students attend the training sessions during the school day.

Students who attend St. Thomas the Apostle school will be trained during the school day, students who attend Religious Education classes will be trained during their class time on Sunday mornings.

The Office of Religious Education is responsible for organizing and assigning altar servers to the weekend and Holy Day Masses. Throughout the year, on a two-to-three month basis, the assignment schedule will be emailed and/or mailed to each participating server. Also included is a current list of servers to be used to find substitutes should the assigned server not be able to fulfill his/her assigned Mass.

Please direct any inquiries of Altar Services to the Office of Religious Education.

Contact: Jen Horoky, Director of Religious Education
Phone: (574) 264-0491