Jim Byron


Due to privacy concerns, we will not publish the schedule of lectors for our parish. If you need a copy of the lector's assigned Mass schedule, please contact the coordinator for this ministry.

Lectors are ministers of the Word of God. When the Scriptures are read at Mass, God speaks through us and calls us to respond in faith and love. The Ministry of the Word is vital to the life of the Church, since we are proclaiming the living Word of God! It continues to be alive as we bring the Good News with our own deep faith and confident voice.


  • A love for the word and appropriate skills are necessary to have the privilege to share God's Word in a clear and dignified manner.

  • Initial training and yearly renewal are required and will be provided at St. Thomas Parish, Please watch for announcements in the bulletin.

  • must be age 16 years and older.

  • practice and recitation of the scripture reading(s) throughout the prior week.

To join this ministry, please contact the ministry coordinator.


Every lector receives a guide workbook in November for the coming Church year, which begins the first Sunday of Advent. This workbook has the readings for all Masses beginning the 1st Sunday of Advent thru the Feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe.

The workbook contains the following helpful suggestions:

  • An introduction for the lector

  • How to use the workbook

  • Using additional resources

  • Appropriate dramatic technique

  • Reading as interpretation

  • Tools of the trade

  • Giving voice to God’s Word

  • An option to consider


Dear Jesus, thank you for calling me to be a lector at your Eucharistic celebrations. Let me take this role seriously and diligently prepare myself for it by studying the sacred texts before Mass and by striving to be a better Christian.

By my physical action of reading, I am the instrument through whom You become present to the assembly in Your Word and through whom You impart Your teachings. Let nothing in my manner disturb Your people or close their hearts to the action of Your Spirit. Cleanse my heart and my mind and open my lips that I may worthily proclaim Your Word.

~ Amen