Students come from diverse backgrounds to join together to make our beautiful and unique sound. Each one of our 12 members (plus subs) is an extremely important part of our group. Our ensemble is one-of-a-kind, representing a different and wonderful type of music ministry. We develop our musical skills and ability to work with each other as team players.


The music ministry is a group of 4th-8th graders who lead the choir at the all-school Masses, which are usually on Fridays. They sing most weeks in smaller, grade-level groups, and practice during the school day. We also have after-school practices about once a month, where the full group can learn new music and practice together. The Music Ministry is a great opportunity for students to become involved in the Mass and develop singing skills. Additionally, several middle school students work each week to learn the psalm, either individually or in groups of two or three.

If you have a student who may be interested, please contact the Music Ministry Director for the School:

Annette Kaczanowski