Fr. Levi Nkwocha

Fr. Levi UC Nkwocha

You are Welcome

Welcome to St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church, Elkhart, where Faith & Reason embrace. In light of the example of our patron saint, whose faith sought understanding and whose touch of compassion not only healed his brokenness, but also affirmed the divinity of Jesus: “My Lord and my God,” the body of Christ at St. Thomas holds our faith commitment accountable.

With a formidable TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves Most) structure, our collective goal is to make heaven through keeping a simple but reliable mandate of balancing the love of God and the love of neighbor. Our priority mission promotes integral growth of inclusive love, friendship with Jesus, hospitality, generosity, compassion, understanding and sincerity. Our secret to success is commitment to duties through voluntary stewardships and solidarity in services, visible in the 3 Ts of activated faith: Talent, Time, and Treasure.

Through St. Thomas School, which is an arm of our teaching & learning experiences, the best of each student is consistently honed for a dream society. Overall, our entire worship space and structure enable a continuous learning experience enroute our heavenly destination.  

As a home of welcome to all, St. Thomas the Apostle Church provides numerous opportunities for friendship and faith-sharing. Great working groups and sodalities are easily accessible. Join the wonderful St. Thomas TEAM and bring out the shine in you.  

God bless you.


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