Dear Parish Family,

We are called to be “one Body in Christ”. Our unique gifts and talents make it possible for us to make an exciting difference in the lives of those around us. This website reminds us of the many good works that result from the efforts of many working together. I invite everyone, including those new to our parish, to seek out the ministries to which God is calling them. The size of our community blesses us with the ability to continue serving, while exploring additional way to love others.

It can be difficult to see and know everything available to us when there are various groups and activities occurring at many different times throughout the week. This website is a good place to start. We are blessed with many beautiful families who make it possible for us to have the opportunity to help others.

Challenging as it may be to connect with others, good communication is where we begin. Please utilize our parish website as the tool we can all use to reach those who need to hear the Good News. May we continue to pray for one another as we strive for holiness in faith-filled and charitable lives.

Father Jason Freiburger

Father Jason Freiburger